Let’s say you are about to start a trip and there are two available choices.

The first one is a familiar road with a short commute, but there is reported gridlock on the road, with an unpredictable arrival time.
The second one is a less familiar road with a long commute, but there is no traffic, with a predictable arrival time

Which would you choose?

For most people, they would go with the second option because of the predictability of arrival time. Predictability disproportionately tips the scale in decision making.

Predictability is a reward people will pay any price for.

All systems are designed to continually work on improving predictability.

Organisations that can guarantee predictability, charge a premium.

Individuals that are predictable usually rise to the top. Hate it or love it, but the kingmakers are more comfortable with a predictable fool than an unpredictable genius.

People like to predict. People like to be right. People get swept off their feet when their prediction is right.

Those who understand this are the most influential people on the planet. They continually sell the narrative that your predictions are right.

Predictability is one of the most powerful incentives.

– Osasu Oviawe

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