Good friends

Some days ago, a friend called me early in the morning and the music in my room was turned up. He immediately concluded I am the kind of person that wakes up to music.

I told him it was not the case, and that I actually prefer a quiet morning.

He turned it into an argument on how maybe I should routinise music in the morning as it works for him.

I noticed his words had started turning the music into noise in my ears. I smiled, thanked him, and just turned off the music. Peace was restored in my mind.

With no more music in the background he went ahead to tell me why he called so early. He had a lot on his mind that needed to be unburdened. After working him through the issues, I asked him why he didn’t just listen to music instead of calling me. We laughed because we both knew I wasn’t going to just let him ruin my morning without hitting back at him.

I was happy he called. Some of the things he was struggling with were things I was also struggling with. But by discussing it together, we both found an alternative that might work and immediately felt lighter.

Cheers to good friends.

– Osasu Oviawe

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