The water heater effect

Today, I recall a story my younger brother once shared as a hack for turning off his generator.

Let’s call it the water heater effect.

Anytime he wants to turn of the generator, and doesn’t feel like going outside, he just turns on the water heater, and the overwhelming load shuts down the generator. It is like a free accessible remote control.

We laughed about it and I shared my worry that his generator might become faulty with this strategy soon.

Then we talked about how the same thing applies to humans, but unlike generators, we keep struggling to carry loads above our capacity.

Some crosses come to help us know when to stop, but we struggle to keep going, finding no rest until death.

The water heater effect states that when a load above your capacity is thrown upon you, stop everything and take a break.

I am thankful for the funny lessons from the water heater.

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