I am happy you pop in here once in a while to read my thoughts, and sieve them through your experiences, taking out only what aligns with your truth.

What I share here are not timeless truths. They are timed. They expire in time. Before they became words, they were flesh. Before they became my thoughts, they were my reality. Before they came to me, they roamed free for all of humankind. Flesh changes. Reality changes. Humankind changes.

Read each sentence with this in mind and take away from here what sticks with you. Immediately you find what makes you read a second time, stop scrolling and just go with it.

This blog is not designed to change or shape your life, it only reports the changing and shaping of mine. All changing and shaping requires tools. This blog offers tools I have once used.

In each post there is a tool. It is overwhelming and limiting to try and stack up all tools. Even I, the writer, have dropped so many tools which no longer serve me. Take out one tool, maybe two, but no more than three. Try it out in your life and see if it holds true. If it does, great, run with it. If it doesn’t, great, drop it like it’s hot.

Walk with me through the many paths this blog explores. Walk with your feet, see with your eyes, listen with your ears, hold with your hands, feel with your heart, understand with your entire being. Make the path your own.

My view is limited, but it can be built upon. The start of infinity is finite.

We share our most vulnerable thoughts with strangers. The ones who do not find it too weird, stick around as friends. I hope you stick around.

With joy,

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