A reflection of choice

Some continue in toxic relationships, not because they do not realise the futility of the situation, but because it mirrors the storm within. They see a reflection of their deepest, darkest parts in the relationships they form.

They feel unworthy of good behaviour.

It becomes a vicious spiral to a bottom without end, only stopping with a stroke of luck, when someone comes along and opens a window to let some light and air in. Actively showing that relationships do not have to mirror the storm within. Relationships can calm the storm.

Whatever storms you are facing internally, one way to calm it, is to refuse to get involved in storms externally. When there is a mismatch between your internal situation and your external circumstance, one gives way to the other.

If you cannot quiet the storm internally, actively seek calm externally. It will be you saying, “Peace, be still.”

Your relationships are not a reflection of you, they are a reflection of your choices. You can choose differently.

– Osasu Oviawe

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