After you

Your actions today open or shut the door to those who will come after you.

My father always used to say, “Live your life, but remember that your surname is borne by more than you. The rest of us will either carry the cross of your actions, or be elevated by your superior choices.”

I am usually shocked when I see people make choices with no consideration for ripple effects, especially as it is almost impossible to break a ripple.

When someone trusts you enough to lend you money, pay up according to schedule. It is not just good for you, but for others that might even need that help more than you.

When someone treats you without upfront payment, settle the bill. Too many lives are lost because treatment was withheld until an upfront payment is made.

When someone recommends you, show up and stand out. Too many people will need a recommendation after you, and your performance reinforces the credibility of the recommender.

Even if you do not care for the other, care for those coming after.

– Osasu Oviawe

One thought on “After you

  1. My Father would always say, “Remember whose child you are”.
    This statement alone has always put my actions in check.
    I am no Saint! However, i constantly strive to make a good name and then leave a lasting legacy for generations yet unborn to emulate. Whenever i remember the sacrifices my parents made to SERVE so I can LEAD with a good name that i can be proud of, i can’t thank God enough.

    I do ask myself some salient questions. Questions like, at the mention of my name, what comes to the mind of people? Do my thoughts bring forth sunbeams from within or do they instigate fear, anxiety or tension? I do carryout an audit of my life and since i know i am a “work in progress”, i try my best possible to make amends where needed and realign to the path which God has created for me. This i believe we can achieve if we constantly find ourselves in the presence of God, doing that which God commands.

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