Today, I did nothing I had planned, and everything I did not plan.

It started with a phone call I should have ignored, because it rubbed me the wrong way.

I thought a short nap would help me have a reset to my day, but alas, I started dreaming of the things I was trying to avoid.

I decided to get out of bed and address the issues screaming for my attention. Unplanned, but necessary.

Hopefully, I get to catch up on my weekend plans tomorrow.

I am thankful for the possibilities tomorrow brings, even as I try to save the day.

One thought on “Tomorrow

  1. In all things, we give God thanks.
    I had alot lined up on my to do list. I was able to strike off one which was going to church for lectors rehearsal.
    I got distracted most of the time by my kids later in the day and was down with a terrible headache afterwards. I am up trying to ensure I strike off more on my list as I think I might be having insomnia.
    God heal me and make my tomorrow better and stress free.

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