Humans are perfectly designed to travel.

Even those who hate to travel, still have minds that travel.

In almost all of history, the tribes with travel ingrained into their way of being, always outpaced other tribes in development.

Travel uses the tangible to expand the intangible. As you explore new spaces your mind expands to create new spaces. New spaces in the mind are the playground for creativity.

As humanity moved from hunter-gatherers to farmers, many think we moved from travellers to occupiers, unwilling to travel. But that is inaccurate.

Farmers also travel is search of more fertile land. If they don’t, they will die of hunger, because the earth will stop birthing produce. The earth requires you to move in order to renew itself, and nurture you.

Travel is not a luxury, it is a necessity for being.

Travel is not expensive. Do it enough and you will find you need less than you think you do. Staying put in one place makes everything look bigger than it is.

Travel is not a sign of being unsettled. It is a sign of confidence that you have a home.

No one appreciates home, or what they have, like the one who travels.

Let’s go there.

– Osasu Oviawe

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