The first customer

One of the most fascinating things I learnt while growing up was the importance of being the first customer of any trader, if I needed to get the best deals.

The traders had an unwritten mantra that the first customer dictates how the day’s sales would go. So if the first customer makes a purchase, then it will be a good sales day. But if the first customer declines to make a purchase, then it will be a bad sales day.

The traders were willing to even let go of a profit on their first sale, just to start off the day well.

They deeply understand the power of beginnings, and the luck it showers on the rest of their journey.

Who is your first customer? Do they support you or undermine you?

It is important to deliberately choose what your first experience of reality is daily. It shapes your day more than you know.

My first customer is a smile.

– Osasu Oviawe

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