Today, I went on a sugar binge ride.

I do not have a sweet tooth, but once in a while, especially in high stress moments, I load up on sugar. It is a poor coping mechanism, which is why I do it. Beating myself up for having too much sugar, distracts me from high stress situations.

I am finally setting up my new place, and the level of supervision required to get the basics right in this country should come with an award.

I am thankful for occasional distractions. They serve a purpose.

2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. It is okay to indulge once in a while but then try not to make it a habit(it could be addictive).

    If you need some healthy distraction, just take a walk down the road( can get boring though) or play tennis or just some other sport. You need to channel that energy somewhere.

    I can’t imagine all you’ve been through. Have no worries, it will end in praise.

    I am excited you are setting up. I will be glad to assist in any little way I can as a Project Manager atleast to oversee the supervision of the project. I would be offering my services to you FOC.

    Do enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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