Days of my life

Days I struggle to write always greet me with a question – “What will I write about today?”

Any day I ask that question, I know I would have to dig deep to put something on the page.

I do not have a problem with digging deep, but like with most digging, a lot of dirt comes up with what is valuable. A lot more refining is usually required.

Those are the days that make writing meaningful.

Days I just write, do not start with any question. A thought just strolls in, allows me to get a good view of its angles, and directs the pen on how to draw it in on a page with words.

On such days, I write till the final full stop, before reading the sentences. Not much refining is required. It seems the ether just delivers it perfect and complete. I become more of a portal, than a writer.

Those are the days that make writing beautiful.

– Osasu Oviawe

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