Find the others

People feel frustrated after getting through a difficult time, especially when the “why” for all the pain they went through is not immediately apparent.

It almost comes across like they are ungrateful, in spite of all that has been contributed to get them through. But they are not ungrateful,  just confused.

Pain should at least serve a higher purpose, but when pain is just experienced in and of itself, long after the pain has gone, its scars calcifies the heart, making it difficult to have rhythm.

An available “why” I have found to be beneficial is “find the others.”

When you go through pain that seemed pointless, find the others going through such pain, and you will find a higher purpose. There is always something you can contribute to make their experience better.

To find the others requires vulnerability. You need to let the demons that plague you out, for peace to fill the space created.

Pain binds people stronger than pleasure.

Your pain is an opportunity to connect deeply and contribute freely.

If you cannot find the why for your pain, find others who are bearing it like you.

– Osasu Oviawe

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