Where are you hurrying to?

You wake up in a rush.

Say a short prayer.

Brush your teeth in a rush.

Take a quick bath.

Cream up in a rush.

Throw on your clothes.

Check the time in a rush.

Hurry out the door.

Return greetings in a rush.

Shuffle tasks without reflection.

Eat in a rush.

Jump from app to app mindlessly.

Clock out in a rush.

Journey back drowning in thoughts.

Catch up with family in a rush.

Retire to bed spent and lonely.

Where are you hurrying to?

There is only one end. The grave.

Why is it so important to get there, and ignore life?

Too many fall into the grave mistake of a rushed life.

Pause, breathe, smile.

Live a little.

– Osasu Oviawe

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