We all have our demons.

We are all fighting our demons.

For the lucky ones, their demons are out of view.

For the unlucky ones, their demons are in plain view.

When you conquer a demon, nothing can prepare you for what takes its place. So many learn to live with the demons they know.

Judging others is a coping mechanism for dealing with your own demons. But every demon you recognise in others knows you too.

Fear is the portal through which demons take a hold,  blossom, and perpetuate. The worst in people is revealed through fear.

To conquer your demons and help others to do same, you must first recognise, accept and courageously discipline fear.

As leaders, designing an environment that inhibits fear is a top priority. The environment starts with you. Many people recognise this as an environment of trust. A friend calls it an “unbossed” environment. I love the word “unbossed.”

– Osasu Oviawe

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