One insight from studying history is how committed crowds are to being irrational.

We are born into a crowd. We grow by being in a state of flow with a crowd.

The day you pause to question where your crowd is heading, expect a trampling. The only way to avoid being trampled on, is to find your way to the fringes of the crowd, and step away, before asking questions.

Being trampled on by the crowd is almost certain death. If you survive, you will regret not dying.

Stepping away from the crowd is lonely. You will continually long to be back in the flow.

The world is designed to ensure you stay in a state of flow with a crowd. Which is why irrationality prevails.

Considering crowds have survived for so long, some may argue that maybe they are not so irrational.

I believe those who question the crowd always change its direction ever so slightly, and this is what has saved humankind. Even though the cost is great.

– Osasu Oviawe

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