“It is difficult to read the label from inside the bottle.”

Feedback is not just a survival strategy, it is also a growth strategy.

But there are 3 caveats to remember –

Do not give your bottle to those who do not care. Or else, they will drop the bottle, and what is on the label will no longer matter.

Check and ensure who you give your bottle understands the language written on the label. Test for experience before taking advice. Those who have a deep understanding usually employ simplicity in conveying what is on the label.

Do not give your bottle to the one who seeks to empty its content and fill it up with new content. You want to understand your value proposition and occupy a shelf space that projects you. You do not want to become someone else and always feel out of place.

As I give and receive feedback, I find these caveats to ring true.

– Osasu Oviawe

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