A lot of effort is put in by those who are failing. Failure is usually not for lack of effort. It is usually for lack of leverage.

Effort without leverage is frustrating.

What is your leverage?

It is usually hard to know, without a mentor.

There is another way to find your leverage.

What is your privilege?

When you replace leverage with privilege, you find what is available to you that can significantly increase the impact of your actions.

Before saying you have no privileges, please reflect, or better still, find a mentor that provides you with an outside-in view. And even if your mentor cannot find a privilege you have, mentoring in itself is a privilege.

I know privileges have taken on a negative connotation these days, and everyone wants to purge themselves of them, but every privilege is a leverage.

It makes no sense to throw away your parachute becomes it makes the landing easier.

– Osasu Oviawe

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