Whenever a child asks me a question, I try not to provide a quick answer, even when I am sure of the answer.

I prefer to explore the answer with the child.

My typical process is to ask the child to give their best guess answer. And then probe further for them to provide at least 3 answers. Then we jump into google to search for alternative answers. Finally, we arrive at an agreement on what is factually correct.

I do this because it was the way my favorite uncle answered my questions while growing up. There was no google, but there were encyclopedias and libraries. We always explored the answers together.

I have found that it helps both the child and me.

The child learns that the way to learn new things is to first learn how to have an educated guess, do the research, and then come to a conclusion based on available facts.

I have been intrigued at the thought process of children and how their environment shapes the guesses they present. What is more intriguing is how the answers I was sure of usually turns out wrong or not totally correct, as we do the research.

Children offer us a rare opportunity to have new new eyes. Never pass up on it.

– Osasu Oviawe

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