Don’t quit

There are times in which all rituals and prescriptions do not work.

You arrive at a sunken place where nothing you know or try works. I have seen people call it languishing.

Exercise, sleep, prayer, reading, writing, community, sharing, positive thoughts, family, pills and whatever else you have as a ritual or prescription just fails you.

You are in a space that is uniquely designed for you. Nothing and no one can reach you or help you.

The beauty of life is that the phase passes, just as quietly as it arrived, and births renewed energy that makes you quickly forget.

The tragedy of life is that we try everything to get out of the phase, seeking a return to normal. Sometimes, trying includes taking away the very life that feeds everything. Therein lies the tragedy.

Life uses this phase to show the emptiness in rituals and prescriptions. When nothing works, it is best to seek nothing. Wait it out.

– Osasu Oviawe

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