Leaders and Weaknesses

All the leaders i have worked with are aware of their behavioral strengths and weaknesses.

All of them are provided feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. The feedback usually echoes what they already know.

Not so great leaders sincerely work on their weaknesses by trying to tone down their strengths. They see weaknesses as uncontained strengths. In trying to better their weaknesses, they find the source of the weakness in their strength. So they tone down their strengths. Sadly, in toning down their strengths, they lose the spark that distinguished them in the first place.

Great leaders actively work to remove themselves from spaces that magnify their weaknesses by playing more in areas their strengths provide a positive sum game. They understand that the prerequisite to being broken is to have no weaknesses. They do not ignore their weaknesses. They pay attention to the spaces that make their strengths spill over. They either change such spaces or leave them.

– Osasu Oviawe

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