Excerpt from a conversation about life

I wish the past was a switch to flick and just move on.

For your mental health, I wish so, but in reality, you have to deal with insecurities you never thought you would have to, and you are hopelessly ill-equipped to just shrug them off.

Give yourself time to heal, not on a deadline, but on progressive milestones. You are making progress, but not on anyone’s timeline.

You have no more fight in you. For past, present or future. Stop fighting.

You have learning in you. Learn from all that is outside and within. Learn not to judge your teachers. Learning to live and let live. Learn to love and let love, again.

You might not be able to live the love you always dreamt of. You can live the one you have left.

Your story is no longer a fairy tale, but it is your tale. Live it. Tell it.

– Osasu Oviawe

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