I did not meet any of my great grandfathers.

I do not carry any of their names as first or last name.

I do not have a picture or know what their thoughts or vision were.

A friend passed on some weeks ago, and the first question asked by ex-schoolmates was, “Did he have a child?” He didn’t. Discussions immediately shifted away from the fact that he died to the fact that he had no child. It was painful to watch.

When I asked why it was so important for his life that he had a child, the responses can be grouped into three blocks. 

1. He will not be remembered.
2. No one will carry his name.
3. His DNA is now totally lost from the gene pool.

In summary, his impact in the world will be forgotten.

I understand their leaning, but measuring impact by children or sex of the children only mattered in a time where lasting impact could not be created or chronicled without procreation.

An ISBN by a writer will have more impact 1,000 years from now, than who his child was.

By all means, have children, but don’t burden them with your legacy not lived.

If you have no children, I pray you do, but it is not a limitation by any stretch.

– Osasu Oviawe

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