The greatest challenge a mentor faces is the hero mindset – the is a constant urge to provide a silver bullet that saves the day.

The day’s challenges serve a purpose of core strengthening, in preparation for tomorrow. It is best not to take opportunities for core strengthening away.

Maybe this is why dogs seem to be better therapists than friends.

They make you take walks or at least get some sun.
They allow you express yourself and offer no solutions.
They are excited to see you everyday – hands empty or full.
They do not have any external pressure on how long a hug should last.
They help you give of yourself for the sole purpose of benevolence.

When a mentor told me some years ago that the best advice is no advice, I did not get it. I get it now.

People will do what they want to do anyway.

As a mentor, most times, all you should do is ask the questions that reveal answers mentees already hold, and let their answers hold them accountable.

– Osasu Oviawe

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