Forecasts and Predictions (FAP)

It is difficult to predict the future. I deliberately did not say impossible, because if anything is known about the future it is this – nothing is impossible.

There’s too many aspects of the past that we do not know. For the aspects we know, only a small proportion is understood. And all aspects contribute to shape the present.

If the past, which is fixed, is so little known and understood, imagine how inadequate our knowledge and understanding is of a fluid present.

Imagining that you can grasp the future from the past and present is like grasping air. It is possible but improbable.

Instead of wasting time on forecasts and predictions, maximise the little understanding you have of what is going on now. It is your greatest leverage. Then maybe, just maybe, when the future condenses, it waters the seeds you already planted.

– Osasu Oviawe

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