A Thought on Productivity

Productivity improvement is not doing more with the same time, it is doing more in less time.

Doing more with the same time is saturation. People improve saturation by eliminating activities they think are non-value-adding, replacing them with activities they prioritize as value-adding. Therein lies the challenge.

What keeps you in the zone for value-adding activities is the revitalization from many non-value-adding activities. I have seen people call eight hours of sleep, lunch breaks, intermittent walks from the desk, and chit-chats with colleagues non-value-adding. I smile when I hear this.

Saturation makes us feel grumpy.

Productivity grows as output increases and time reduces. To improve productivity, we work to reduce saturation.

Productivity grows as we free up more time to think, play, and sleep, not to do more work.

The most productive people are the most leisurely people.

Productivity makes us feel free.

A question that might come up – how do you do more with less time?

Answer – Reduce the time allocated to any piece of work and people will surprise you with better quality output.

– Osasu Oviawe

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