A milestone

Yesterday’s post marked my 3,000th post on this platform.

It is easy to ignore progress once a habit is formed. It is easy to forget celebrating milestones when the activity has become second nature. It is easy to be blind to the things that have grown with you through time and space.

I opened the back-end of my blog this morning to do some editing. The major edit I do is to edit the people following my blog. I ensure I have no followers. This blog is my journal with a targeted audience of one. I write this blog for myself; I write books for others. (The last line reminds me that I have a book pending in my drafts called “37”. I need to finish that piece of work.)

Back to the milestone.

I am filled with gratitude for the many ways writing has helped me. My piece some years ago – “Why do I write?” still rings true.

I am grateful to my maternal grandmum for nurturing the love of reading in me. I am grateful to my parents for the many books and reader’s digests I got as gifts. I am grateful to my first love for planting the seed of writing in me – first poetry, then letters. I am grateful to Seth Godin for nudging me to make writing a daily ritual. I am grateful to the gifts of people, experiences and places that have reflected the lessons from my being.

Cheers to the next 3,000.

– Osasu Oviawe

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