An interesting characteristic of habits – good or bad – is how breaking the pattern feels like a bigger burden than the habit, no matter how heavy the habit.

This is why habits are self-perpetuating.

A person with a habit of exercising will rather do a little workout through an injury, than just take a break.

A person with a habit of sticking to relationships, no matter how toxic, will rather die than leave.

A person with a habit of masturbating will steal time to indulge, even when they have a perfectly sexually active partner.

Our habits become so connected to us that it is easier to cut off an arm than to lose them.

Habits are not necessarily evidenced by frequency of partaking. Many people who take a bath daily, will not bat an eyelid if they miss it for some days.

Habits are evidenced by endured suffering, not pleasurable commitment.

– Osasu Oviawe

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