Career Management

There are three core stakeholders you continually manage in a career: boss(es), peer(s), and associate(s).

First understand that you cannot change them. 
You have 2 choices – build on their strengths or be crushed by their inadequacies. 
It serves you better to build on their strengths. 
Managing this relationship is key to your short-term success, as they have the biggest influence on the here and now.

More than anyone else, they see you for who you really are. Your masks do not work with them. They know who is actually putting in the work and who is grandstanding. 
It serves you better to do the things that make them respect you, because if fate is kind and you become their boss, they will not resent but respect you. If on the other hand fate is kinder to them, they will remain respectful to you. 
Managing this relationship is key to your medium-term success, as they are your best mirror. 

Whatever you do, care for this group. Drive a balance between high expectations with results and a deep devotion to their well being. If that balance is not possible, tip the scale in favor of care. 
This group are your ears and mouth within the entire organization. They are the ones that will hold the ladder firm as you climb. Check up on them regularly. 
Managing this relationship is key to your long-term success, as they are the arbiters of your reputation.

May your journey be beautiful.

– Osasu Oviawe 

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