Life’s Cycle

The cycle of life, ever-present, comprises agitation, stillness, practice, and growth.

This endless rhythm begins anew with each phase of agitation.

Newborns embrace the world with all of their being.

They cry when the world greets them with its cold loneliness – Life’s first agitation.

Then, in their mother’s warm embrace, they discover stillness.

Eating, their first practice, is crucial for survival. With gentle guidance, they learn to feed, maintaining proper posture, a vital dance of survival.

Growth follows – a natural progression.

Toddlers, a whirl of constant motion, explore their world with hands and feet in unison – agitation.

Stillness, an alien concept, is put aside in their eager quest to absorb life. Yet, to truly grow, they must learn the art of stillness.

First, they are taught to sit still, to observe people and their surroundings with quiet attention.

This paves the way for a new dance: learning alternate hand and leg movement.

Then comes the practice of movement. At first, they flail with hands and legs, struggling for traction. But with practice, alternating movements, they begin to crawl. As this skill becomes effortless, their desires evolve, seeking more – growth.

However, crawling is not their destiny. They are meant to walk.

To walk, they must embrace stillness once more, learning to stand. Standing tall, they observe, absorbing the art of walking from those around them.

When they feel ready, they start to practice. Feet attempt alternate steps, but their arms, seeking the safety of the ground, betray them.

Then, in a moment of harmony during practice, their hands cooperate, and they take their first step – a milestone in growth.

Eagerly, they look forward to running, the next agitation beckoning.

– Osasu Oviawe

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