Man is time

Like all life, mine started with energy, passionate energy.
I have come to a better understanding of life not by knowing but by being.
What is the purpose of life or is life the purpose in itself?
Why does sharing multiply and holding destroy?
The very things that make life exciting must be moderated and the things that inconvenience life must be endured.
In or at the end, what distinguishes the life of animals from humans or indeed the life of animals from each other? What makes a cow sacred in some circles and a delicacy in others?
Can the answers we seek in life only be found after? Or from those that promise after.

There comes a fleeting time in every man’s life when he is blessed with an unmerited serenity to ask – Who am I?

The answer to that question is and will remain – time.

Man is time. That is how posterity remembers the times.

-Osasu Oviawe

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