I had a short break and decided to have a karaoke night out. It was fun and you can draw parallels to life.

Everyone had something to offer, the best voices came from surprising places. Nothing in any individual’s appearance prepares you for what you will hear.

The singers come in 3 shades – the good, the not-so-good and the joker. They all get rewarded with smiles, banter, laughter and ovation.

A really good singer gets as much ovation as the not-so-good singer, but has to wait till the end of the piece. The not-so-good singer gets the most cheer, because we all understand the purpose of karaoke – freedom to be self, without apologies.

You’re rewarded for trying, the expected result is singing. Just sing.

You might be shocked that you didn’t even know the lyrics to your favorite song. What does it matter, you’re singing and learning. The song will not stop until the end, neither should you.

It can be very boring if the songs are playing and no one picks the mic. Truth is, it doesn’t even get exciting when the paid karaoke guy is singing. Getting paid diminishes the value of effort.

The first volunteer to sing starts a ripple effect, but the second makes it more likely to have more singers. That’s why first followers are important.

Interestingly, everyone sitting is singing along to their favorite songs, but few actually stand up, approach and take the mic. Those sitting serve a purpose, they urge the doers on. Just standing up and walking to the mic gets you some cheer.

Passersby might be wondering, what’s so great about this abysmal singing, but they don’t matter. You own the mic and stage, sing your heart out. It is fun now and the memories will bring smiles after.

The songs don’t have to be the new fad, just good music. One that most on the scene can relate to. Classics work just fine.

When next you’re at a karaoke bar, grab the mic and sing. Don’t forget to read and listen to the tune. Thank me later.

– Osasu Oviawe

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