With Joy

One of the strangest things I have come to realize is that some people get joy from wallowing in past, present and future suffering. The real difficulty is holding yourself back from taking away their suffering.

This might read like a distant script, but most of us have our moments. There’s a sad story from the past that you hold up as a trophy. It may even be more treasured than the good times. There’s a sad circumstance in the present that you use to sell yourself as a victim. There’s a sad expectation of the future that you use to justify inaction today.

If sadness is your source of joy, embrace it. Why do you keep searching for solutions to your source of joy? Who am I to ask? Maybe your search reinforces your sadness and completes your joy. 

What brings me joy is as unique to me as my interpretation of my experiences. My joy cannot be imposed on others. I can share my source of joy, but I do not expect you to connect with it. If you connect, it increases my joy. If you do not connect, it remains my joy.

Not all experiences are required to have complete joy, but to have complete joy, we must embrace all experiences.

With Joy,
Osasu Oviawe

One thought on “With Joy

  1. SKIN…I showed you my pain, you threw it back in my faceand you just turned away.Pretended you didn't see it,You didn't catch the tears fall.You said I was strong,But I chose to break next to youI needed you to be stronger for a day. Yet, you crushed the pieces more.So, I need you to remind me,why should we laugh together?

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