Pull out game

There are parallels between men that brag about their pull out game in sexual escapades and men that brag about their pull out game in investments. Sinister parallels.

Let us talk about some.

You really should not be in it
If you have a pull out game as a strategy, you really should not be in the game in the first place. No matter how disciplined you are, in the moment of truth, it is really tougher to follow through on such a strategy, except you were never into it in the first place.

You are not playing fair
You are obviously working with insider information and actually playing other stakeholders for a fool. It is only a matter of time before you get caught out.

You have been lucky
Maybe your pull out game is actually weak and you have had many failures, but somehow, it never showed, so you still walk away from the room with your chin up.

You have done many ineffable things
A good number of abortions have followed your failures, just to keep up with the image.

You are in it for the short term
This is always a short term strategy, with no planned long term horizon. Short term strategies do not compound and they ultimately are a waste of irredeemable time.

You are risking it all
While avoiding a commitment, you are actually risking it all, because the greatest risk is getting into a noncommittal engagement without any protection.

You are betting against nature
Unfortunately, nature always has the last laugh.

– Osasu Oviawe

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