ANDs and ORs

We are always forced to believe that the choices we face come with the dilemma of the “OR”.
You are either chasing market share or profitability.
You are either making profits or losses.
You are either a success or a failure.
You are either engaged or disengaged.
You are either good or bad.

We are constantly faced with the binary choice of 0 or 1. Asked to take a side. Required to defend that side. Destined to die on that side. Never living the whole.

This is why I love the concept of “Strong opinions, weakly held”.

You can chase market share and profitability. You are leading.
You can be making profits and losses. You are innovating.
You can be a success and a failure. You are growing.
You can be engaged and disengaged. You are thinking.
You can be good and bad. You are human.

It is in the ANDs of life that your genius is born.

You can even have ANDs and ORs. 

No one should limit your ANDs.

– Osasu Oviawe

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