Wake-Up Alarms

The interesting thing about alarm clocks is that you already know whether the clock will get you out of bed in the morning or just become a transition device from deep sleep to snoozing.

It is not the alarm that wakes us up. It is not what lies ahead of our day. It is not what happened the previous day. It is not what happened that night. It is our priority, our choice.

I have had days where I turned the snooze button to an endless loop of dissatisfaction. Never really feeling refreshed after forty winks.
I have had days where I did not even bother to turn off the alarm. I just continued in deep sleep. Too tired to be bothered.
I have had days where I woke up before my alarm. Alive and lively, already plugged in to game time mode.
I have had days where I turned off the alarm before going to bed. Giving free rein to my body’s clock. Getting up immediately I am up and starting the day. 

Wake-up alarms do not wake us up. They are a signal. You choose whether to take the sign or ignore it. Each choice has a cross. Choose your cross wisely. You never know how long the journey ahead will be.

There are various wake-up alarms in our lives. Please wake-up, now.

– Osasu Oviawe

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