Random thoughts on random days in random houses

External tokens of success massage your ego, but ego is the first to desert you in the end. People that require you to have more tokens in order to value you, do not matter.

Most of the people you meet did not matter in the beginning, and surely will not matter in the end. They are the noise that train you to appreciate serenity.

In the end, no one knows the end.

The fire in the hearts of men, sends smoke to their brains, clouding judgment. The nobler the passion, the lighter the cloud.

Unhappiness is usually birthed by comparison.

You can’t change your circumstances, and, you can change your circumstances. Both hold true at the same time.

Archers know that farther targets require higher aims.

Man designs his cage and rewards himself for liberation efforts.

What is really important to you? Create time for it now. Create time for it daily.

Daily processes (and tasks) compound into habits. Habits are pointers to destiny.

– Osasu Oviawe

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