Why am I here?

We act in our best interest and perceive the consequences of our actions in ways that make living with self bearable. That perception is our ego and all threats to our ego remain unforgivable, until a disproportionate reaction is meted out to the ignorant offender.

When you pay attention to your choices and its attendant crosses, you become less judgmental of others and more accepting of circumstances.

People want what is best for them and expect others to see that want as selfless. Those that understand this, withhold judgment, accept it, and work it. Those that do not understand this, label it, get angry, and fight it. Understanding or not understanding is neither good nor bad, it just dictates the activation energy required to focus on your direction.

Here’s a thought. Everything you choose and the crosses they present, hold the answer to one of life’s questions – why am I here? Most times, we want an answer that is an imitation, a replica, something close to what already exists. After all, we cannot be so special as to have a unique why (We are). Our answers become a complicated and sometimes complex puzzle, because we are trying to form familiar shapes with unique pieces.

Pay attention to your choices and crosses. They hold your why.

– Osasu Oviawe

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