Wetin we gain

We lead a life that confirms all as vanity or one that presupposes all as luxury.

To come to that realization, people take separate paths –
Some require great wealth
Others require deep study
Some require wasting illness
Others require self discovery
Some require loss
Others require serendipity

Ultimately, we come to the realization of the Vanity Fair we live in. To grow beyond it, we sacrifice more, we care more, we connect more, we serve more, we come to be a disciple of discipline, and we empty ourselves of all that is within, as a seed for those to come.

To lead a life that confirms all as vanity is to lead a life of consummated desires or a life of diminishing ignorance.

So when I hear a singalong to – “Wetin we gain by Victor Ad”, I smile and hope we make the money we seek. For maybe then, we will realize that the true gain in living is simply being.

– Osasu Oviawe

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