A Note to Self (2)

I have been forcing myself to write for some weeks now.

I am in a phase where I would rather not write, but I know that writing (like most things in life) only allows me back into the flow, by sticking to it.

Compounding is hinged on consistency.

You offer great ideas by offering more ideas, not less.
You create masterpieces by creating more pieces, not less.
You write better by writing more, not less.

Let me share why I wrote the above note to self.

“I see”
When sharing your thoughts with people that you respect, people that inspire you, people that you care about, probe deeper when they offer these two short words – “I see”.

It is the most polite signal that there is a different perspective to what you are currently offering.

Find out what exactly they see. It will lift you.

– Osasu Oviawe

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