Last year, I started journaling my journey, to understand better, what goes into my decision making and how those decisions lead to intended and unintended outcomes.

Last year I moved from writing poetry depending on my mood, to writing a weekly post on my thoughts and learning. It has been an incredible learning experience for me, with the sad restriction of not sharing some controversial thoughts.

Last year, I started designing a yearly theme – 3 words that serve as daily anchors.

Today, I am taking the filter off. The filter that sifts through all my thoughts and offers the most middle-of-the-road thought.

As time passes and I grow, this world has straightened me out in some areas, bent me in others, nurtured me is some areas, broken me in others, birthed me in some areas, wiped me out in others.

There will come a day, as real as the one we are sitting in now, when it will be time to leave this world. The regrets that will arrive that day and the things one would do differently, if he could turn back time, are available now. Time has been turned back. Today is a new life – Kapil Gupta MD.

While some are building things that have a shelf life, others are building the shelf.
Different mindsets, exciting outcomes.

Today, I finally turn this from a weekly blog to a daily blog.

Today, I expand the shelf.

– Osasu Oviawe

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