Get going

How many people are you thinking about right now?

How many people did you think about today?
What about yesterday?
How many people are thinking about you right now?
How many people thought about you today?
What about yesterday?
We overestimate people’s thoughts about us, without realising how rarely we think about others. 
We limit ourselves with the thought that most people are selfless enough to be thinking just about us and what we are doing. Stop kidding yourself. 
People have a short attention span. Mostly, people are thinking about themselves and building a narrative to make being self, bearable. Thoughts of others mostly come up in relation to or as a distraction from self.
If “what will people think?” is all that is holding you back, then you have not yet realised how many distracting thoughts plague the human mind.
Get up and get going.
– Osasu Oviawe

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