This week, we had a Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated yearly, on the fourth Thursday of November in some countries. It is a time to give thanks and celebrate with family and friends. The day is special, not because people are ungrateful on other days, but as a special reminder for the herd to pause and collectively give thanks.

I have also read about the National Sorry Day marked in Australia on May 26th, yearly. I think an apology holiday is also a really great idea. There are actually more people hurting from a lack of apology, than a lack of gratitude. And we typically forget to say sorry, while explaining to ourselves that people should move on. How many times have you moved on from a hurt without an apology? How easy is it to forgive, let alone forget, without an apology? We cannot dictate how people deal with a hurt, but we can be sorry for ever causing the discomfort and demonstrate our learning from our past mistake, with future deliberate action.

Individuals, tribes, nations, territories still have people that deserve an apology. They do not feel entitled, but they deserve an apology for the indelible action or inaction of the past that robbed them of a different future.

So, to my family, friends and acquaintances, here are a few things I feel sorry about. Things I am committed to working on, daily.

Sorry, for the times I did not call to check in on you and put an upside down rainbow on your lips.

Sorry, for not picking your calls and not making out time to call back.

Sorry, for the birthdays and anniversaries forgotten.

Sorry, for not showing up to your event, even after you made out time to remind me repeatedly.

Sorry, for the times I did not listen because I was too sure of the rightness of my choices.

Sorry, for being easily irritable and impatient, even in the little time I make out for you.

Sorry, for not visiting when I was in your town and staying in a hotel when you had extra room in your home.

Sorry, for not attending mass and talking more about holiness.

Sorry, for yelling and losing my calm, even after I promised not to.

Sorry, for not noticing that you were talking and being too focused on replying a message on my phone.

Sorry, for sleeping off immediately I got home, leaving no strength in me for gossip and play.

Sorry, for stopping you in the middle of sentences and hastily summarizing your thoughts.

Sorry, for not saying sorry, immediately I noticed you were hurt, preferring instead to focus on who was right.

Sorry. Please forgive, but don’t forget me.

– Osasu Oviawe

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