While lighting up the path for your team, never forget that lights can be blinding.

You must assess the light intensity that your team is currently accustomed to and decide whether it is adequate to light the path to your agreed goal. If not, match required light intensity against utility.

It is not easy to match light intensity to team needs, because leadership is often more excited about how well lit the path will be, than understanding the vision state of their team.

A team that has been asleep will struggle to get moving, if bright lights are suddenly put on.

A team that has grown under secretive leadership that shares no information, will struggle to get going, if new leadership starts sharing information.

Leadership must understand there will be a lag phase for adaptation to new light intensity. To shorten the lag phase, work out an incremental light intensity strategy.

Mother nature does it well with dawn, before sunrise. Copy with pride.

– Osasu Oviawe

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