Have you had someone that really cared about you?

Someone that always makes time for you and shares new insights they have learnt, because they want you in on it.

Someone that raises the bar of what is possible, always nudging you in the direction of stretch.

Someone that raises their hands up in a “V” (for victory) when you win, and stands by your side during the dips (showing you that you can keep standing).

Someone that wishes you well.

Someone that loves you.

Someone that you trust without a little voice reminding you to take care.

Someone that cares so much, others get jealous and try to sell your shortcomings to them, yet they stand true.

Someone that would risk looking bad to you, than let you look bad to the world.

Everyone is that someone to somebody.

If you have that someone, never take them for granted. Hate or love them at various moments, but never be indifferent. Indifference is a hole they can never rise from.

I had that someone in my childhood and we call her Mama. My grandmum – Cecilia Omoro Unuigboje.

She moulded me to always be that someone to others.

Today, like many days, with teary eyes, I remember you Mama.

– Osasu Oviawe

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