Small voices

I did something new this season of giving.

I asked the usual suspects at work, that come to my office saying, “Oga, you go do Christmas for us oooo”, to “do Christmas for me abeg”.

I was shocked beyond words at the gifts I got. Each of them went above and beyond what I expected, in thoughtful creative ways. They were so happy to see my surprise and gratitude. I saw a spark in their eyes that I had not seen when I was the one giving.

Some watched me open their gifts with glee, others asked me not to unwrap until they left, as they were shy.

All of them played down their gifts, saying, “na small thing, abeg manage am”. They could not have been more wrong. I have not received better gifts at Christmas and I have been flaunting them on my office desk.

It is good to give, it is also good to receive. It nourishes the soul both ways.

Thanks to my friends at the office.

They are my small voices, with big hearts.

I love you all.

– Osasu Oviawe

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