Just in time

“Being too far ahead of your time is indistinguishable from being wrong” – Howard Marks.

Therein lies the difficulty with innovation. You can never really tell which is too far ahead of its time and which is just in time.

How do the greatest innovators wing it? They focus on the problems the current solutions are forcing customers to live with.

Why doesn’t everybody do it? The same reason why gambling thrives. The adrenaline rush from predicting the future, trumps paying attention to the present.

Human biochemistry is still far from being fully understood, but humans have been seduced for millions of years into revering those that claim they can predict the future and ignoring those that pay attention to the present.

After all, we are all present, so there can be no insight that another has which is superior. That is the ultimate delusion.

Are we all present? No. Most of us aren’t. This is why AI thrives – it feeds our distraction from what is, and either promotes what will be or what could have been.

The best innovators are not necessarily first movers. They plug in, just in time, because they are present.

Reality is all there is and it is here for you. Use it, just in time.

– Osasu Oviawe

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