We are all consistent beings.

There is no inconsistent human being.

Our thoughts, words and actions might be inconsistent, but we are consistent in producing that inconsistency.

When we are asked to be consistent, it is not a matter of being, but a matter of becoming.

And if what we are becoming does not deliver gratification, we remain consistent in our inconsistency towards it.

There are always debates over gratification – instant or delayed. The general consensus is that instant gratification is myopic and delayed gratification is enduring. I agree and disagree.

I agree that “delayed” gratification is enduring as it curbs our desires, while “instant” gratification is myopic as it only compounds our desires.

I disagree because all gratification is actually instant.
Human beings have compounding desires.
The human that saves today for tomorrow, is just as gratified today, as the man that spends today and leaves tomorrow to take care of itself.

The trick with consistency is to find what the instant gratification of “becoming” is and sell it.

All beings are consistent.
It is gratification that is inconsistent.
To become consistent, we must first see instant gratification.

Therein lies the secret of change management, high performance and leadership.

– Osasu Oviawe