A choice

If you feel out of place in a place, reshape it or leave.
No one should define your place.

If high tables make you uncomfortable, find a table you prefer and own it. What you really need in life is a place to come into your own, not a place set up by others to shape you into their expectations.

A friend was telling me recently about the pressure he is under to act in specific ways to get into the talent pool. He said when he asked his boss whether it was okay not to desire being in the talent pool, the boss was speechless.
I have met people like that who still got into the talent pool, not by being a cheap replica, but by being consistently true to their strengths.

I am included in many circles, but I do not complete circles. Standing out transforms the O which stands for Okay in a circle, to a C which stands for Courage.
It takes courage to step out of a circle.

“You should be…” Whenever I hear whatever I should be, I am grateful that to me it is only an “I could be…”
I always have a choice.

– Osasu Oviawe

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