One of the most beautiful sights to behold is to see a person get a “Yes” after so many “Nos”.

It is easy to speak about going through difficult times with grace, but it is a difficult lived reality.

Every “No” holds no higher meaning until you get the first “Yes”.

Without a yes, sticking to something is termed stubbornness. Stubbornness has a negative connotation.

With a yes, sticking to something is termed persistence. All of a sudden, that yes makes your position positive.

Just like the sun wakes up a plant with renewed vitality, a yes lifts the soul.

Without being overburdened, if you can, give a “Yes” to someone. It gives everything that came before meaning. It is life changing.

Give a “Yes” to yourself. That revitalizing activity you have been postponing because all other responsibilities say “No”, do it.

“Nos” are designed to free up space for an important “Yes”. Without a yes, life can end up being empty.

– Osasu Oviawe

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