In the dark, mosquitoes have an edge. Turn on the lights and the advantage is flipped, but then, you can’t sleep. The mosquitoes wait for you to tire out and turn out the lights, so they can come out again with their advantage restored.

Little rascals.

Unfortunately, they’re impatient. The longer you keep the lights on, the more probable it is that they will risk everything to feed or just be noisy. Boom, you win.

One such noisy mosquito woke me up early today. I tried to ignore, but the body is designed to react to small irritants by staying alert. Small irritants have brought down nations, my genes remember. It was pleasurable to finally swat it, but worrying to find that it had already drawn blood.

Crazy rascal.

Since I cannot think of anything but that mosquito this morning, it takes a page in my blog.

Lucky rascal.

– Osasu Oviawe

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